what happened in P3

yesterday in P3 we were watching the TV it was very good and we got sweet es.  we saw Medusa in it she made somebody look at here eyes and she turned to stone.  we did not all ofthe movie.  after the TV we got all of ow er work we had a shelled, Medusa, we had language and more things getting handed out my school bag had lots of things in it I had no room for my shelled so I put it next to the wall.



The e c factor was so cool there was comids and actors , actrises and hulu hupers , dansers ,and lots more .  The winner of primary 3 was shannyn pepper.  I entered the e c factor i didint go throo the people who went throo were Shannyn pepper  and Kiaren fergson.  Shannyn danced to zumba.

by edd

minibeast hunt

When we went on our minibeast hunt we found lots of beasts in the school ground and we went up to the park and we went up a hill and we found a little den and we didnt find ant minibeasts at all and then we started to head back and when we got back it was lunch time and it was a good day out!

by jc

rocket reward trip

p3 went to the irn bru trip it was a very long walk and we had lots of fun it was amasing!!we all got sun burnd but it was still lots of fun. we engoyed the slide it went realy fast. we all went down it when we went dwon it was real hot on the botom.from shaza and haribow

mini beasts projekt.

We have been working on mini beasts and we have made a mini beasts i made a scorpion   model and my freind kian made an ant.

My model was made out of  a box and kian’s model was made of   paper and a bit of a smartie. box.

by michael and kian.

the park

on the 20th of  june 2011, p4 and p3/4  went to the park. when i went in the park i went on the big shout. and it was a nice sunny day and after that i went on the big shout. and then i went on the small shout. then me and Kristen went on the shout together then it was time  to eat. i had ready salted  and i had to drink was an apple fruit shout. then we went in the park again. and i saw two little children and i said hi. then i went on the shout with Kristen and me on together. and then Blair and Aiden jumped off and i thought it was dangerous. and then i saw Kian he was up a rope and then me and Kain were playing a game. and after that i was playing with holly. and we were givin people tickets to get on the big shout and i injoyed it and then we went back to school.                                                                                                                                                   by megan

E.C F.A.C.T.O.R.

The E.C f.a.c.t.o.r was very good i liked all the people’s acting. I also liked listening to all the lovely music aswell. I enjoyed shannyn’s zumba dancing. All of the school was laughing at andrews brillient joaks. There was lots of  lovely decarated posters. the judges were being funny especially mr goodser.

eco reward trip

On  tuesday  21st  may  all  of  the  eco  teams  went  on  the  eco  award  trip.  we  went  to  muravion  side country  park  it  was  brilliant.  we  went waterwalking  a visit to the farm and we lited a fire.  it was really  fun when  we  went water  walking    because  i  was  the  fist  one  to  fall  in because  the  logs  were  very  slippery.  i  was  the only  one  to  fall   in  in my group!  i  liked  when  we  went   to  the  farm  aswell  because  i  saw  baby  chicks and pigs and  rabbits  as well.   and  i  especially liked  when  we  where lighting   a  little  fire  because  we  got a  turn  each  to  use  a  striker  and  we got  to  put  up  a  tent  aswell  my  group  got  very  soaked  when  we    to  the  farm  because  it  was  raining  really badley  mrs yacoub  had a umbrella but  the  rest of  the  group  got  soaked like a drowned   mouse!  luckily we   had  brung  a  change  of  clothes.   i  had  a brilliant  day  it  was really  fun and funny as well

by  cara .c